Lash Set $150

For Classic lashes we apply 1 extension to each of your natural lashes for an average of 80-100 luscious lashes per eye. You’ll have beautiful, natural-looking lashes!

Classic Lashes

Classic Lash Fill $55


Classic + Volume Set $175

Get the best of both worlds! Classic + Volume gives you more fullness and texture than the traditional classic set with an average of 150-200 lashes per eye. This set is pure glamour!


Classic + Volume Fill $70


3-6D Volume Set $200

Va-Va-Volume! Our fullest set of lashes gives you 300-600 feather-soft, full and dense lashes! This gorgeous set of lashes is perfect for those wanting a more dramatic look.


Volume Fill $85

What is the difference between Classic & Volume lashes?

What are the different lash sets you offer?

Classic: Classic lashes are one synthetic lash extension to one natural lash. This is the original method of eyelash extensions. Most people have between 70 and 100 natural lashes per eye. This type of lash set will give you the same number of lashes you already have, only longer and more noticeable.

Volume: The volume technique is an advanced method and only experienced, specially trained lash artists offer this technique. With the volume method, two to six micro lash extensions are applied to each natural lash to give fullness and density to the lash line. A full set offers between 200 and 600 extensions per eye. Because multiple lashes are used, the lashes used in this technique are very light and thin so as not to damage your natural lashes. This set can be customized for various looks, from natural to dramatic.

What makes your lashes different from others?

What makes the type of eyelash extensions you offer different from other salons?

What makes the type of eyelash extensions you offer different from other salons’ work?

At the Lash and Brow Boutique, we use the most advanced techniques and highest quality lash products available to give our clients the gorgeous yet comfortable lash sets. Here is what sets us apart from other lash salons in Salt Lake City:


We always properly isolate the natural lash during application to ensure you will never have two lashes stuck together, or chucks of glue in the lash line.

High quality products: 

We use the highest quality products, including silk lashes, to give extremely soft, beautiful lash extensions.


Your lash sets will always be comfortable—no lash extensions or glue ever touch the skin.

We make sure the extensions we put on are not too heavy for your natural lashes. Promoting healthy natural lash growth is always our focus.

Safety and sanitation: 

Safety and sanitation are of upmost importance to us. We comply with the highest health and sanitation practices. At our salon you will always experience a clean, sanitary, and comfortable environment.


Lash & Brow Boutique has a combined 15 years experience in eyelash extensions. Our lash stylists use the most advanced techniques and stay on top of the industry with continued education.

What is the appointment process like?

What does the lash extension process entail?
We do everything we can to ensure you will have a relaxing experience at Lash & Brow Boutique. Many clients describe their appointments as a spa treatment and true “me” time. First your lash artist will place soothing collagen pads under your eyes to protect the lower lashes from being adhered to the top lashes during the extension process. Then she will cleanse your lashes to ensure your lash extensions adhere well. Next she will begin apply the extensions to your natural lashes one at a time, ensuring they do not stick together or touch the skin. The process is very gentle and quiet, and many of our clients are so relaxed that they fall asleep, waking up to gorgeous, full lashes.


What will I need to do to care for my lashes after my appointment?

Essentially, lash extensions are designed to make your life easier. The aftercare and maintenance is typically simple. If you take good care of your lashes, you will notice lash extensions save you time each morning because you already look ready and fabulous 24/7.

  • Avoid oily eye makeup removers or moisturizers; this breaks the bond of the adhesive and makes the extensions shed prematurely
  • Don’t touch or pull on the extensions
    Washing the lashes daily with an approved lash cleanser is necessary
  • Lashes should be combed regularly with a clean, dry lash brush to keep them looking their best